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Wacará Basket Small

Traditionally hand woven from strong Yaré Rattan by Wacará men in the Amazon River basin of Colombia, these simple yet gorgeous round baskets are useful in every room of the home. You can put a few of them together for high design impact.

These small baskets can be used to store magazines, small blankets or slippers. You can also use them for your plants.

Even though they are all-natural, the baskets are very durable and can be washed with water as needed.

Material: Yaré rattan, used for basketry by the Wacará community for generations.


Each basket is totally handmade and thus unique. Therefore, you may find slight variations or imperfections.

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Baskets handmade with natural fiber to be used all around your house

Wacará Baskets are handwoven with a very beautiful and strong natural fiber called Yaré, or Mimbre Yaré. They are available on OCASA web shop in three different sizes.

Large baskets are ideal to be used for instance as laundry baskets, to store warm blankets in your living room, but also as a nice storage for children's toys. On the other hand, small ones can be used as plant holders, to store toilet paper rolls, scarves and hats for the winter.

While providing solutions for organisation and storage, they also contribute in a warm way to your home decoration.

This type of Colombian baskets are woven by people from the Wacará tribe. This indigenous community lives in the Amazon River basin and have been making such baskets for centuries. Traditionally, they made these baskets to carry all kinds of loads on their head with a strap that would go around their forehead.

Wacará people keep using them today for carrying purposes, but basket weaving became a complementary activity for them. It  constitues one of their sole means to earn money. Hence, buying a Yaré basket, will make you contribute to the economical welfare of this indigenous tribe.

The native Wacará community keeps living in a very traditional way. Their main daily activity continues to be hunting and gathering food. It is a very small community that consists of only a few families. The way the make baskets, their design, is specific to this community. A Yaré basket will add a unique touch to your home interior.

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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