Yuremava Purple


Natural storage Basket - Purple

This basket is a one-of-a-kind, hand woven in the South-East of Colombia by a talented woman belonging to the indigenous Yuremava Clan.

OCASA is proud to work with the Craftsmen Association Puerto Tolima Querari, a group of Colombian Indigenous artisans. Products are bought directly to this community, ensuring that artisans are payed a fair price.

Baskets were traditionally used to meet strict household needs, but for the last 15 years, their production has slowly become commercial in a very small scale. Handicrafts have become the main source of income for families, and at the same time allows them to maintain a traditional life-style.

Yuremava women alternate their baskets weaving activity with childcare, food preparation, and farming.

Adding a special touch to your home interior with a basket handmade by a Yuremava woman, you support this community in a truly fair way, providing them a source of income.

Material: Yaré rattan

Dimension: Diam 27 cm X H 29 cm


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One-of-a-kind woven Basket

Ethnic and natural

This collection of baskets has been handwoven by Yuremava women. They use a traditional savoir-faire. Indeed, techniques and design are ancestral ones. Furthermore, fibers and coloration are 100% natural. Not only they are functional and long lasting but above all beautiful!

Yuremava is the name of a Colombian indigenous clan, belonging to the Amazonian Cubeo ethnic group. This small community lives in the Amazonian forest, on the banks of the river Querarí, in the South-East of Colombia. Yuremava, in Cubeo language, means anaconda, animal of great significance for the Amazonian communities.

As in the other Cubeo clans, community work has a central place within the Yuremava clan. The families work for the subsistence of all the members. Gender is the element that determines the activities. Indeed, work in the fields is exclusively for women, while men are in charge hunting and fishing. 

The Yuremava clan is well known for their objects made with natural fibers. A few years ago, they joined a non-formal association called Puerto Tolima Querarí Artisans Association, in which people work the weaving of various objects with natural fibers. Even though most of them are made by men, women are the ones making these beautiful baskets. They learnt the weaving technics from their parents and grand parents. 

OCASA buys the baskets directly from to the Yuremava weavers, who always work at home in their family compounds. By selling their crafts, we are supporting this vulnerable community.



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