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Tucurinca’s outdoor easy chairs

A perfect blend of traditional techniques and international standards

In the bay of Santa Marta, Tucurinca’s craftsmen have reinvented the traditional version of the Colombian Acapulco chair. The result is an easy chair with a very contemporary design, ideal for outdoor as well as for indoor.

Tucurinca was born as the revival of ancestral techniques. It aimed to rescue the traditional Carribean chair. A chair that became well known worldly in the 50’s, thanks to its Mexican version, the famous Acapulco chair. Tucurinca went further, recovering the techniques, but also reinventing the designs, and showing innovation through the materials.

The Colombian people are faithful to their weaving tradition. Over the years, this ancestral knowledge has been present in rural areas where agricultural activities and armed conflicts replaced many of their handcrafted gestures. However, Tucurinca’s artisans have adapted the original technique using non-traditional materials. For instance plastic cords and strings, such as zuncho and cabuya. But also other materials originally used in the banana plantations of the Caribbean region. They now conceive these materials as the main input for the creation of our design outdoor chairs.

Craftsmen use steel rod with powder-coated black finish to make frames. They make Copper finishes with anti-corrosive, polyester and polyurethane. Weaves come in different styles and materials such as synthetic cord, others with ratan and cotton, while  others are made only with steel. But each time, blacksmiths and weavers come together to continuously create stunning designs. Hence, Tucurinca’s chairs represent Colombian Carribean design at its best.

A social project

Tucurinca is located in Santa Marta, a city in the north of Colombia. A region where 27% of the population are victims of the armed conflict, 35% live in poverty, and 7% in extreme poverty. Tucurinca’s craftsmen are part of these staggering figures. Therefore, Tucurinca is an inclusive project that involves the talents of its artisans. Moreover, it creates opportunities for those that were stripped from them, giving sense to their manual skills and taking them to another level. Ultimately, Tucurinca’s products are a true tribute to the Colombian people and work with innate talent; weavers that used to be merchants, welders that were masons and business students that became designers.

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