OCASA Colombian crafts

Our products are handmade in Colombia, a country that has a very large ethnic and cultural diversity, and thus, many different and beautiful craft pieces to offer.
However, if economical conditions of the country have been improving for the last 15 years, life is still difficult for many people. The idea behind this website is not only to offer some of its beautiful crafts, but also, at a small scale, to contribute to the economical welfare of its people.
To do so, each article you can find here has been bought directly to the people that made it, we don’t use any intermediary. Most of the time we buy from small associations of artisans, many of them constituted of extended family members, or women’s associations.
The products we offer on our website are authentic and traditional pieces of Colombian craft, most of them using technics that have been known for generations. Each piece is unique.

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