OCASA Colombian crafts

OCASA brings to you the best of Colombian crafts.

OCASA’s products are handmade in Colombia, a country that has a very large ethnic and cultural diversity, and thus, many different and beautiful craft pieces to offer. This wealth of cultures is represented in the variety of products you will find in OCASA. 

We consider OCASA’s website to be a Mission Driven Business. Which means our sole purpose is not to make a profit but as well to have a positive social impact.

In a country in the process of breaking free of decades of internal conflict, and despite the fact that the economy has improved over the past 15-20 years, life is still difficult for many people. By offering its beautiful crafts in the European market, OCASA is willing to contribute to the economical welfare of the communities where they’re made.

Each and every article you will find here has been bought directly to the people that made it, selected artisans using top quality and design. We don’t use any intermediary. We do not sell via distributors either. Thanks to this, OCASA’s crafts have a reasonable price, making them affordable to more people, and thus, enlarging the market for our suppliers. Most of the crafts you can find here are made by small associations of artisans, two of which are women’s associations.

The products we offer are authentic and traditional pieces of Colombian craft, all of them using techniques that have been known for generations. 

OCASA brings to you traditional accessories, home decoration and furniture pieces to brighten your everyday with the warmth of Colombian sunshine.

Each piece is handmade, therefore unique.


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